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Players from the Southwest Florida Area work  with coach Aaron Holmes during a fall exposure event

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From private sports training to recruiting consulting, you will find everything under a single roof. That would save you a lot of ‘travelling’ as we say in basketball. Dribble with us and you will have gained a partner who can help you with every aspect related to this sport. 


Our accomplished staff ensures that in addition to learning and developing your skills, you also enjoy the game. After all, the best way to learn is the fun way, isn’t it? While on the court, we teach you to follow all the NCAA basketball rules, play fair, play hard, but at the same time also to play smart. 

Pro Holmes Sports consulting has helped  Numerous student athletes sign college scholarships.

Our Achievements


We let our achievements speak for themselves   

Exemplary Results – We boast of having 65 + players earn college scholarships over the past 4 years, amounting to more than $2,000,000 in tuition fees. 

Education – 100% high-school graduation rate among our athletes proves our commitment towards prioritizing education.

2017 Alumni Marcus Cohen Mercer university drives to hoop.

Our Mission


Basketball is not just about handling the ball and shooting baskets. It is about identifying your innate talents and accepting them. Whether it is private training or a group session, our mission is to enable students to realize their potential and chalk out their own path to achieve success. While we provide the guidance, the onus is on the student to use it effectively to his advantage. 

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